My name is Christian Alder 👋

I’m a freelance web developer based in Milton Keynes, UK.

I specialise in front-end development using the JAMstack to handcraft responsive, performant, and cost-effective websites that meet my clients needs.

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Latest Work

Wholly Joana - Ebooks

A one page website which showcases the e-books my client has for sale and makes them easy to buy.

Gumroad has been used as the eCommerce platform and integrated with the page. Also included is newsletter registration, a contact form, and analytics.

Visit Website HTML CSS JavaScript 11ty eCommerce - Gumroad Fathom Analytics

SRM Aggregates

Tasked with separating the eCommerce section from a previous project I'd worked on, I designed and developed a sleek and modern storefront from which my client could sell their growing range of products.

Product pages are generated out of one source, this makes it easy to modify or add more in future. The pages are designed to allow for multiple photos and a clear route for customers to purchase the products.

Custom features like the topsoil calculator were programmed from scratch in vanilla JavaScript.

Visit Website HTML CSS JavaScript 11ty eCommerce - Snipcart

Wholly Joana - Eco-transition Program [PT]

A landing page made for a limited-run online teaching program based in Portugal.

Payments were integrated and handled directly with Stripe.

Visit Website HTML CSS JavaScript Hugo eCommerce - Stripe

SRM Carver & Son

A business information page for a nationwide aggregate production and recycling plant-hire service based in Somerset, UK.

A content management system was integrated into the site to allow for easy changes from the client themselves.

Visit Website HTML CSS JavaScript Hugo CMS - Netlify Google Analytics


What services do you offer?
I primarily offer custom website design and development.

I could make you a blog so you can write about your travels, a gallery to showcase your art, or an eCommerce platform allowing you to sell your craft. These are just a few examples, please contact me and we'll see how I can help.

I only take on one client at a time as to give my full attention to the project, and offer generous aftercare and support for when the project is complete.

I also offer advice were I am able - so if you have an existing website that needs some work, do reach out and I will be happy to take a look for you.
How much could it cost?
For bespoke builds I charge on a per project basis, the cost of which can vary based on the number of page designs and features you’d like.

Projects are billed at a 50/50 split (half paid at project start, remaining half on completion before going live) to the figure we agree upon from the final quote. Changes made outside the initial scope can incur an extra charge of £25 per hour. The full terms and conditions of which will be supplied before we start.

While I am able to offer free hosting, recurring costs such as a domain name or premium extras (eCommerce platform, premium CMS, etc) are expected to be your responsibility.
JAMstack? What's that?
Without getting too technical, the JAMstack is a modern approach to developing websites that helps deliver better performance, higher security, as well as being cheaper to operate.

To learn more about the JAMstack and its benefits please read here.
Do you work with WordPress?
At this moment in time, no.

I've got nothing against the well established and proven giant that is WordPress, it just isn't what I specialise in right now.

If you need help with an existing WordPress site I can give it a look - but at this moment I am only interested in developing JAMstack sites.

I appreciate WordPress is often seen as the defacto method to getting a website up and running, but depending on your needs the JAMstack approach can do just as well if not better. Contact me today and we can see if the JAMstack is suitable for you.
How much is hosting?
Depending on your needs and expected usage I can offer free hosting. This is one of the many benefits the JAMstack approach offers.

Full details of this will be made available once I know the size and scope of your project.
Will I need a domain name?
While not required, It's advised as it makes up your unique identity or brand. Due to domain names being a recurring cost you would be expected to obtain one, to which I can help you set it up and connect it to the host.

If you're in need of a domain registrar, I can highly recommend Porkbun (Where I have 8 domains registered myself)
What aftercare do you offer?
I will always be on hand to support your website after it's development. I check in on past projects to make sure things are still running smoothly, and will fix any bugs discovered down the line.

Depending on frequency I can make any minor changes you might want for free - the details of which can be found in the terms and conditions supplied when a final quotation is generated.

I don't hold your websites hostage, so if you'd like to change hosts or have another developer revise or manage the site - do let me know and you can get a full .zip archive containing all source development material.
What is your process?
The process starts with us exploring and working out your needs. A final quote is then produced which outlines the cost of the project and the work involved, to an estimate timescale.

A typical workflow is as follows,
  • Clarify project and generate a final quote
  • Design
  • Development
  • Going Live
While I can give you updates as often as you’d like during the project, each of these four steps will require your confirmation and agreement before I start the next.
Can I have cool wave separators on my site?
Absolutely 😎
Do you test and cater for Internet Explorer?

Sorry to be so blunt, but it's better to get this out of the way. I only develop for modern browsers.

Internet Explorer is a security risk and soon to be no longer supported by Microsoft.

To try and cater for it would take me longer and end up costing more time (and money).
I have a question not covered here!
If you have a question I've not covered, or would like something expanded upon - do reach out using my contact form down below and I'll be happy to help.


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My schedule is a bit busy at the moment, but I will still respond to any queries.

I only work with one client at a time, so enquire early as to not miss out.

I will aim to respond to messages within 24 hours.

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